Saturday, February 27, 2010


Call me music addicted, but to me music is life, or at least it sustains the life in me. If I don't listen to music, I listen to a deadly silence that makes me nervous, and if there's silence..there's an echo of my thoughts.
Music does so much to me.. it can make me focus or it can make me relax.. It serves me perfectly...
About the genre... there's no genre that is special to me.. only moods, when I play DotA.. well, Metallica makes all the magic happen. Drum and bass can also keep you focused while playing, you should try it becouse it's not such a commercial genre (that's only becouse it's relatively new). Chillout and trance.. just speaks for itself, becouse it's exactely what you need after one HELL of a day...Listening to a wide range of genres just makes your life a lot easier.
There are a lot more things that music can do to us and for us, in the good way ofc.

For those that think that my music is an addiction, I nod my head to them, BUT this addiction has only good sides and no bad sides.

Anyways, did you ever give that much importance to your music ? Just take a minute to think about it, analyze it.. chew on it..a bit :)
The question still lurks around.

Music is with out a doubt the most appreciated art form there is. For me music is as vital as air, and I have no problem relating to your feelings for music.
I hate to see what music is becoming in popular terms. I don't understand why the mass would like to listen to the popular crap "music" they show on TV and on commercial radio stations.

I make music myself as a hobby, and I love to sit and play with the sounds and structure. I only wish I could do it full time. Maybe one day I will.

I don't appreciate silence because I have tinnitus. If there is total silence around me I have an extremely light noise in my head, and it's so light it feels like it hurts.


Mobile phones are getting more and more sophisticated. Thus, development on mobile phones is just like the computers. The technology is growing everyday. Different functions and usage on mobile phones are created and updated. From the network system from mobile phones, it is still developing. Although the new 3G system had just been launched not long ago, many companies had already started on researching and developing on the fourth generation (4G) system. Researchers are hoping that the 4G system can reach a much faster speed, a connection speed up to 100Mb per second during connection, tighter network security and also bring up the quality during communication no matter on voice or video calls. Via mobile phones, many things such as the security system, surveillance on certain items could be done easily. The 4G system will be expected to be launched in 2010.

Mobile phone, the piece of communication device itself is also becoming a multi functioned device. Smartphones and PDA phones are already launched in the market. From the new models of mobile phones released in the market recently, we can see that mobile phone manufacturers now are all heading to this market. Mobile phone incorporating with computing functions will be able to replace other devices such as laptop, PDA and even entertainment devices tool (Dornan, 2000).

Along with the development of mobile phones integrated with OS, the OS and software development will also be a big challenge. The mobile phone market will not only be a competed by mobile phone manufacturers (hardware manufacturers), software companies such as Microsoft, PALM and Symbian will also be competing in the mobile phone market, creating more and more new product and ideas.

Push to talk (PTT) is also function is also expected to integrate on mobile phones in the near future. Push to talk is not like making a phone call. Users will not have to dial to get connected. It is similar to the idea of a walkie-talkie, but can get connected to another user in another side of the world. The size and outlook of mobile phones are also plays an important role for the mobile phone. Thus, many concept mobile phones brought out by the manufacturers now are all very fashionable and colourful. As for the size of mobile phones, concepts such as whist phones and mini sized.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You’ve no doubt started to hear a lot about bluetooth wireless technology and for good reason. Thanks to its technology, users of bluetooth technology can enjoy low bandwidth benefits through their wireless connections. With its short-range, low power technology, users can easily network without wires. By being able to send and receive data at up to 720kbs, bluetooth wireless technology customers can use radio waves to communicate with each other, or their Bluetooth enabled devices.

Imagine a world without wires.

Blue Tooth Specs

The specifications for bluetooth wireless technology devices allows for different classes of radio transmission ranges. These ranges can reach up to about 300 feet by boosting the radio power. This technology isn’t limited to line of sight as the waves it utilizes are directional waves, which are capable of transmitting through various obstructions.

Industry Model

Quickly becoming the wireless communications industry standard, the real benefit of bluetooth technology is that it goes beyond the old-world uses and connects all types of devices. Imagine connecting your computer to your cell phone, digital camera, laptop, PDA or any other digital device – without messy wires. It shouldn’t take you long before you see that bluetooth wireless technology is going to completely redefine wireless. No more wires. You can share information like never before. Need to print something from your cell phone? No problem. With bluetooth technology enabled devices, you can.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Field trip, word in my head right now. It's like a melody. I can't get it out on my head. It's like a drug to me. heheh!!We did our field trip in Subic. It was totally fun, I mean like one of the happiest days of my life. I really had fun there. I had the chance to spend my time with my school friends.

Our first venue was "ZOOBIC SAFARI". Our first attraction was the tiger safari ride, there we rode in an enclosed jeepney. We had a tour where the tigers live. It was scary at first cause I thought that the tigers would really jump over the jeepney like the one I saw on the pic, But still I had fun. Next attraction was Martin's Trail I mean "AETA'S TRAIL". This is my favorite one, Aeta's perform here. They were really talented. Next is called 'CROCO LOCO". We took a walk on where the crocodiles live.

Second venue was "OCEAN ADVENTURE". Our first attraction there is.... I already forgot what they call it, but it took place in an open place. There was a show, singing, dancing.. all kiddie stuffs. Second one was THE DOLPHIN SHOW. Dolphin showed many tricks and exhibition. It was amazing! Next is SEA LION SHOW. This is the one where I really had fun. The sea lion's name was Zimba. He's right eye was blind I think. But he impressed all of the audience.


On our way home, It was a great time.

The bus stopped in Pampanga I think

We really had fun.Thank you BSU!!!