Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Field trip, word in my head right now. It's like a melody. I can't get it out on my head. It's like a drug to me. heheh!!We did our field trip in Subic. It was totally fun, I mean like one of the happiest days of my life. I really had fun there. I had the chance to spend my time with my school friends.

Our first venue was "ZOOBIC SAFARI". Our first attraction was the tiger safari ride, there we rode in an enclosed jeepney. We had a tour where the tigers live. It was scary at first cause I thought that the tigers would really jump over the jeepney like the one I saw on the pic, But still I had fun. Next attraction was Martin's Trail I mean "AETA'S TRAIL". This is my favorite one, Aeta's perform here. They were really talented. Next is called 'CROCO LOCO". We took a walk on where the crocodiles live.

Second venue was "OCEAN ADVENTURE". Our first attraction there is.... I already forgot what they call it, but it took place in an open place. There was a show, singing, dancing.. all kiddie stuffs. Second one was THE DOLPHIN SHOW. Dolphin showed many tricks and exhibition. It was amazing! Next is SEA LION SHOW. This is the one where I really had fun. The sea lion's name was Zimba. He's right eye was blind I think. But he impressed all of the audience.


On our way home, It was a great time.

The bus stopped in Pampanga I think

We really had fun.Thank you BSU!!!