Saturday, February 27, 2010


Mobile phones are getting more and more sophisticated. Thus, development on mobile phones is just like the computers. The technology is growing everyday. Different functions and usage on mobile phones are created and updated. From the network system from mobile phones, it is still developing. Although the new 3G system had just been launched not long ago, many companies had already started on researching and developing on the fourth generation (4G) system. Researchers are hoping that the 4G system can reach a much faster speed, a connection speed up to 100Mb per second during connection, tighter network security and also bring up the quality during communication no matter on voice or video calls. Via mobile phones, many things such as the security system, surveillance on certain items could be done easily. The 4G system will be expected to be launched in 2010.

Mobile phone, the piece of communication device itself is also becoming a multi functioned device. Smartphones and PDA phones are already launched in the market. From the new models of mobile phones released in the market recently, we can see that mobile phone manufacturers now are all heading to this market. Mobile phone incorporating with computing functions will be able to replace other devices such as laptop, PDA and even entertainment devices tool (Dornan, 2000).

Along with the development of mobile phones integrated with OS, the OS and software development will also be a big challenge. The mobile phone market will not only be a competed by mobile phone manufacturers (hardware manufacturers), software companies such as Microsoft, PALM and Symbian will also be competing in the mobile phone market, creating more and more new product and ideas.

Push to talk (PTT) is also function is also expected to integrate on mobile phones in the near future. Push to talk is not like making a phone call. Users will not have to dial to get connected. It is similar to the idea of a walkie-talkie, but can get connected to another user in another side of the world. The size and outlook of mobile phones are also plays an important role for the mobile phone. Thus, many concept mobile phones brought out by the manufacturers now are all very fashionable and colourful. As for the size of mobile phones, concepts such as whist phones and mini sized.