Saturday, February 27, 2010


Call me music addicted, but to me music is life, or at least it sustains the life in me. If I don't listen to music, I listen to a deadly silence that makes me nervous, and if there's silence..there's an echo of my thoughts.
Music does so much to me.. it can make me focus or it can make me relax.. It serves me perfectly...
About the genre... there's no genre that is special to me.. only moods, when I play DotA.. well, Metallica makes all the magic happen. Drum and bass can also keep you focused while playing, you should try it becouse it's not such a commercial genre (that's only becouse it's relatively new). Chillout and trance.. just speaks for itself, becouse it's exactely what you need after one HELL of a day...Listening to a wide range of genres just makes your life a lot easier.
There are a lot more things that music can do to us and for us, in the good way ofc.

For those that think that my music is an addiction, I nod my head to them, BUT this addiction has only good sides and no bad sides.

Anyways, did you ever give that much importance to your music ? Just take a minute to think about it, analyze it.. chew on it..a bit :)
The question still lurks around.

Music is with out a doubt the most appreciated art form there is. For me music is as vital as air, and I have no problem relating to your feelings for music.
I hate to see what music is becoming in popular terms. I don't understand why the mass would like to listen to the popular crap "music" they show on TV and on commercial radio stations.

I make music myself as a hobby, and I love to sit and play with the sounds and structure. I only wish I could do it full time. Maybe one day I will.

I don't appreciate silence because I have tinnitus. If there is total silence around me I have an extremely light noise in my head, and it's so light it feels like it hurts.